Where should I go? Cayman Islands Britis

Where should I go? Cayman Islands

British territory maybe, but there is nothing British about Cayman islands. More like a version of Florida with its SUVs and US dollars, Cayman is formed by three very different type of island. The biggest one is Grand Cayman, and its touristic worth is in the unknown places of the island. You can also visit Cayman Brad or little Cayman which are extremely different from their big sister, partly but not only because of their small size. see less
Quick Facts:

Currency: Cayman Islands dollar
Languages Spoken: English
Population: 58,435

Things to Know: Tourist season: December-April
Climate: The Caribbean climate is tropical, moderated to a certain extent by the prevailing northeast trade winds. Individual climatic conditions are strongly dependent on elevation. At sea level, there is little variation in temperature, regardless of the time of the day or the season of the year. Temperatures range between 75°F and 90°F.Location

Getting Around: Each island has an airport. Buses operate during daytime.There: No Visa required for most western and commonwealth countries.

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