Where should I go? #ARUBA – one of the m

Where should I go? #ARUBA – one of the most popular caribbean islands for families and romance. Many options on where to stay and things to do.

Aruba is an independent island owned by The Netherlands, and is located just 17 miles north of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. Aruba is also part of the ABC islands, consisting of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, which are also known as “The Dutch Islands”. Aruba has a dry and arid climate, that is warm all year round, making vacations possible at any time. So don’t miss your chance to escape to this island paradise and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle on its beautiful beaches.

Aruba’s low season falls between April 15th and December 14th and High Season is between December 15th and April 14th. High season is the busiest period in Aruba and several resorts will be completely booked. Due to the high demand during high season, pricing for accommodations and car rentals tend to be higher than during low season.

3 Star Hotel averages $127 per night, with a 5 Star hotel averaging $642 per night

Average flight cost from New York is about $500.00 per person and is a quick 4 1/2 hour flight

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