Where should I go? Next up #Antigua & #B

Where should I go? Next up #Antigua & #Barbuda

An independent country made up of two larger islands and a few smaller ones, Antigua and Barbuda lies between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are recognized for their incredible beaches lined with coral reefs, thick rainforests, and sailing. The English Harbor is a premium spot for yachting and sailing on Antigua. In St. John’s, the capital you can learn about both the indigenous tribes that once occupied Antigua and Barbuda and also life on plantations in the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. From Fort Barrington and St. John’s Cathedral, a 19th-century Anglican Church there are endless tours to explore these islands.

Water-lover, sports enthusiast, sailor, history buff, nature lover, foodie or beach bum, something for everyone can be found on this beautiful island

3 Star hotel average price $159 per night – 5 Star – $904 per night

Average cost round trip from New York $900.00 per person (of course depends on the season)

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