Where should I go? #Anguilla? Anguilla,

Where should I go? #Anguilla? Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean, comprises a small main island and several offshore islets. Its beaches range from long sandy stretches like Rendezvous Bay, overlooking neighboring Saint Martin island, to secluded coves reached by boat, such as at Little Bay. Protected areas include Big Spring Cave, known for its prehistoric petroglyphs, and East End Pond, a wildlife conservation site.

3 Star Hotel averages $259 per night, with a 5 Star Averaging $602 per night

Average flight cost from New York (of course depending upon the season) $400 to $700 per person.

Anguilla enjoys warm, comfortable temperatures nearly year-round, so make your Anguilla travel plans at your leisure. Keep in mind, however that the island’s peak tourist season lasts from December to mid-April; because of the increased demand, prices tend to shoot up considerably during this time. Those looking for a deal should visit Anguilla between May and August, when prices remain fairly reasonable and before the island’s hurricane season hits.

Anguilla is for family fun, adventure seekers, romance, pleasure and historic travelers.

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