Day 4 – (Day 3 of the cruise) Our first Port – Santorini Island – NCL Spirit –

Let’s start with the itinerary for this cruise.  I have to be perfectly honest, as excited as I was to get the opportunity to visit so many places on this cruise, it was to much. It was actually exhausting. So much to do and see.  Don’t get me wrong the trip was amazing, but tiring tooo!

Fri 19-Apr AT SEA
Sat 20-Apr 12:00 pm Sat 20-Apr 10:00 pm Tender SANTORINI ISLAND, GREECE
Sun 21-Apr 7:00 am Sun 21-Apr 7:00 pm Dock PIRAEUS (ATHENS), GREECE
Mon 22-Apr 8:00 am Mon 22-Apr 6:00 pm Tender MYKONOS, GREECE
Tue 23-Apr 7:00 am Tue 23-Apr 1:00 pm Dock CHANIA, GREECE
Wed 24-Apr 2:00 pm Wed 24-Apr 9:00 pm Dock VALLETTA, MALTA
Thu 25-Apr 8:00 am Thu 25-Apr 6:00 pm Dock MESSINA, ITALY
Fri 26-Apr 7:00 am Fri 26-Apr 5:00 pm Dock NAPLES/POMPEII, ITALY
Sat 27-Apr 9:00 am Sat 27-Apr 8:00 pm Dock LIVORNO (FLORENCE/PISA), ITALY

So, now on to Santorini – what an amazing and beautiful island. It is a tender port, which I’m not really a fan of, but it was really smooth and it was a quick tender.  It also wasn’t an early arrival, so we had time to have a nice breakfast and no rushing around to get off the ship.  We were also in port until 10 pm and had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunset from the Island.  Our group went in different directions and met up at this beautiful little restaurant overlooking the water.

Our first adventure, we picked an ATV tour (which weren’t really ATV”S) drive yourself, stick shift cute little convertible cars.  We had an amazing tour and had the opportunity to visit the highest point on the Island, the beach and lunch overlooking the harbor.


There were about 10 of us on the excursion, which was a very nice number – not to many people and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Did you know that there are more donkey’s then people that live on the island?

It was a full day of exploring and seeing beautiful sights. Our lunch was amazing and so was the wine!!  But the highlight of the day was meeting up with our group and enjoying a meal, some wine


and the amazing sunset overlooking the harbor where I ship waited for us to return.

But, the end of the day and the tram back down to meet the tender had to be the where we had the most laughs.  Poor Joanna, so terribly afraid of heights and there is only 2 ways down – take a donkey on this winding trail or take the tram.  We opted for the tram

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