Must have Monday!

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Every Monday I’ll post what I think are “must have’s” when I travel.  These are the things I wouldn’t leave home without.  Maybe you’ll find something on my list that you’ve never thought to bring and think it’s a good idea or maybe you’ll have something on your list that we never thought of.

June 18, 2018 – Large zip lock bags and supermarket bags – I always throw a few of each in my suitcase and never enough of them.  They take up no room and they always come handy.  Packing to go home, our wet bathing suits and sandy water shoes go in them, to keep everything in my suitcase from getting wet and sandy.  I always seem to have picked up some pretty shells from the beach.  Maybe a bottle of  local spirits or wine you purchased while traveling. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll use them…

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