Let me start by saying – I like Carnival!!!  There I said it.  My first cruise was on Carnival and besides cruising on spring break (with 1100 kids on the ship) I have thoroughly enjoyed every single Carnival Cruise.  I hear all the time, oh it’s to much partying or there are just to many kids.  Like I said, except for that spring break cruise it hasn’t been my experience at all.

I like the itineraries they offer, I like the ships and I like how they take care of their guests.

I’ve sailed Carnival from New York, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Miami and Long Beach California.

Here are some photo’s from our Carnival Inspiration out of Long Beach

We did the Chef’s Table, and it was amazing (that photo of the 4 of us, Joe, myself and our friends Diane and Charlie) where from the night of the Chef’s Table.

It was held in the Library and was absolutely wonderful


I have a story about Carnival – we sailed on the Carnival Breeze (yes, this was during spring break – don’t know what t he heck I was thinking).  We had a cove balcony (wasn’t really pleased with it, just a personal preference) it felt very claustrophobic to me – it was very cool being close to the water, but that was the only positive about it. It’s on Deck 2 – so everything was far away and traveling during spring break – it was difficult to get an elevator. Besides that, the ship was great, the food was great – we enjoyed our cruise immensley.  It was a Southern Caribbean itinerary (which I really like).

Two things happened on this cruise – first I got sick – not sea sick – I ended up with an absolutely miserable cold.  When we got to Aruba, I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. Joe was diving, so he went off to his dive and I stayed in bed for the entire day.  Before he left, he found our cabin steward and let her know that I wasn’t feeling well and would be in the cabin.  Well, she was amazing –  she took care of me the whole day – checked on me a few times, even brought me soup for lunch.

The second thing that happened was when we got off the ship when we arrived in Miami. We got off the ship and headed up to Ft. Lauderdale.  We stopped at Denny’s for breakfast and when we sat down, I looked down and realized that I had left both my engagement ring and my wedding ring, in our cabin on the ship in a shot glass.  Now, these rings belonged to my mother-in-law, family heirlooms.  I was in a major panic – first I had to tell my husband I lost his mothers rings, and then I had to pray and hope that I could get them back.  Back in the car, on the phone with Carnival – mad dash for Miami.  Carnival told me to find security at the port and explain what happened. And I did (let me tell you I wasn’t alone – there were 3 other girls who had left their jewelry on the ship as well).  I stood there for about an hour, panic setting in – Joe was waiting in the car and I was praying I didn’t have to tell him they were gone.  Well, they found them – I got my rings back.  I’ve heard so many horror stories about people doing this and never getting their items back. It was just amazing!

So, besides liking Carnival for their ships and itineraries, returning my jewelry to me was over the top!

Next up Princess Cruise Lines . . .



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