A little rant (then back to cruising)

I’m a full time travel agent, I also have a full time job –  I spend a lot of time putting together a trip when you request one.  Time you do not see.  I research your destination, look for the best prices, and try my hardest to make it everything you expect it to be (and more).  There is a tremendous amount of behind the scenes things that I do for you.  I reach out to my contacts at the resort, I request added amenities for your trip. I prepare at least (3) options for your trip.  I do all of this technically for free.  Until you book and travel I receive not a penny.  Most vendors pay after your trip is completed.  I am not bitching about doing any of this,  here’s what I’m bitching about –  I do all of this, I send you the information and you never reply.  I follow up 2 or 3 times, waiting for a response – nothing!!!!

So, here is what I ask – for myself and for my fellow travel agents –  just a quick reply – sorry, not interested – plans changed – out of my budget – found it elsewhere for $5.00 less than you quoted to me.  Something!  Don’t feel bad about letting us know that your not going to book, and you don’t need to tell us a big story – thanks, but no thanks is fine.

Okay, rant over, thank you for listening.

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