UP Next . . . . . NCL!

Norwegian Cruise Line –  we’ve been on a bunch of these – on our own and on Seminar at Sea’s (these are cruises that travel agents are invited to attend to learn about the product and experience it first hand.  A lot of At Sea time is spent in training)  I also sell a lot of NCL Cruises to my guests and I’ve never had a complaint come back to me.

There is plenty to do on the ship and the restaurants are really good.  We’ve done both the Breakaway and the Getaway a number of times.   Here’s a big secret (well, probably not so big)  the fish on the floor swim towards the front of the ship.  Sounds a little silly, but really helps so you know which direction your walking in.

Specialty restaurants – they have a bunch – our absolute favorite has been Teppanyaki-it’s a Hibachi Restaurant and the food was really very good.  I highly recommend adding on the specialty restaurant package (or upgrading your cabin to one that includes Specialty Dining).  Didn’t really care for the Italian Restaurant, but every thing else was very good.

We again, did the Chef’s Table on our last cruise, which was absolutely amazing – it was served in the Haven (which is the “Private” suite section of the ship).  It was a little over $100.00 per person – could not be booked in advance, had to wait until we were onboard the ship.  I heard, but haven’t been able to verify, that they may not offer this anymore or it just maybe on select ships/sailings. I would be disappointed if they no longer offered it.

On our last cruise, our ship spotted a small boat jammed with people – it ended up being a refugee boat, I believe there were 18 people on board.  We circled that little boat for about 3-4 hours waiting for the coast guard to show up to rescue them.  While we were going around in circles, we went to the Cuban Restaurant for lunch –  had a great lunch – and as I went to get up I pushed my chair back (it was a wicker chair) and the legs collapsed and next thing you know, I was laying on the floor, in the chair – with my legs in the air and couldn’t get up.  Within seconds of course, a little group of people were helping me up and I just wanted to run to my cabin and hide cause I really felt like a dufus –  I was so embarrassed.

I have tons of pictures of our NCL adventures –  GETAWAY ,  GETAWAY 2

Great Stirrup Cay – Norwegian’s Private Island –


Depending on which ship you are on, will depend on some “specials” that maybe offered – when doing the Breakaway or the Getaway we do the Illusionist show on the first night. It’s is usually on sale and the show is very good. I won’t ruin the surprises by telling you here, but it is very enjoyable and entertaining.

Joe loves the Walk the Plank (not me, that darn fear of heights), I’ll stay planted on deck and take his picture – works for me



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