A little about me!

I’ve been a travel agent for almost six years. And I’m new to blogging, this is my first one ever, so bear with me. Previous to this, I was (and still am) a Licensed Customs Broker.  I spent 30 plus years working at JFK Airport, assisting customers with the clearance and delivery of their international packages.  I thought, if I could move cargo, I can move people and it has to be more fun!!!

And it is!!!  There is nothing more satisfying then planning the perfect adventure for someone.  Convincing them to use a travel agent, instead of doing it on their own can be a daunting task.  Most people think they can get it cheaper on the internet.  And maybe so, sometimes!  If your just booking air to visit grandma, go ahead do it on your own, nothing difficult or special about it.  You may even think if your booking something like “just a cruise” you can do it on your own.  Yes, you can!  But did you know that a travel agent may have special deals, fares, amenities that they can offer you.  Sometimes, even upgrades are available through a travel agent, that you wouldn’t be able to secure yourself.  It would never ever hurt you to ask a travel agent for their help.

Most (not all), but most agents, in most cases do not charge a planning fee or research fee (more on this topic later).  Travel Agents are paid by the cruise line, hotel, resort, wholesaler, tour operator.  It does not add to the cost of your vacation at all!!!  Again, I must say – that using a travel agent will get you more bang for your buck then you can get on your own.  Travel Agents, in most cases, are not paid until your trip is completed.

I’ve made mistakes (as all travel agents have) but my clients would never know it, well except for my son –  when I first started I booked him and his wife on a trip from New York to Florida –  he was extremely perplexed while on his flight TO Florida, why he was getting text’s from JetBlue telling him to check-in for his return flight.  Well, his mother (the travel agent) booked his flight going and coming on the same day!!!!  Luckily, I was able to fix it without any costs.

So, here’s my plan with my new blog –  every week I will share something new – it maybe about a destination, it maybe travel tips, it may some interesting Travel Agent stories, but it will be new and entertaining and I hope you will enjoy it



Travel Tip Tuesday: #1 – Check your pass

Travel Tip Tuesday: #1 – Check your passport? The expiration date should be valid for at least 6 months from your return date. Your name, seems pretty obvious, but people forget what name shows on their passport – some have their middle name, some don’t – have you gotten married (or divorced) – did you change your passport? #nomaxtravel #nomaxtravelagency #traveltips #passport

3 Days left! Sale on 2020 Exotic Voyages

3 Days left! Sale on 2020 Exotic Voyages

Make 2020 the year you discover more. Our voyages that set sail for some of the world’s most exotic, farflung destinations are on sale through Tuesday, July 16. From the northern lights of the Arctic Circle to the balmy shores of Bali, your clients can travel the world in comfort with Viking.

Claim this special offer of new lower cruise fares and international airfare during our Explorers’ Sale and you will receive up to $2,000 in additional cruise savings, half off their deposit and more! Call for details.

6 enriching itineraries to choose from:

North Pacific Passage 23 Days | Tokyo to Vancouver

MAY & AUG 2020 Departures Cruise from $7,999 per person,
plus Air for $799* Ask for FL7

Mumbai to Mediterranean Passage 30 Days | Mumbai to London

APR 3, 2020 Departure Cruise from $8,999 per person,
plus Air for $799* Ask for FL7

Southeast Asia & Hong Kong 15 Days | Bangkok to Hong Kong

APR & SEP 2020 Departures Cruise from $5,999 per person,
plus Air for $799*

Bangkok, Bali & Beyond 13 Days | Bangkok to Bali

APR & OCT 2020 Departures Cruise from $4,299 per person,
plus Air for $799*

Komodo & the Australian Coast 17 Days | Bali to Sydney

MAR & OCT 2020 Departure Cruise from $5,999 per person,
plus Air for $799*

In Search of the Northern Lights 13 Days | London to Bergen

JAN-MAR 2020 Departures Cruise from $3,999 per person,
plus Air for $799*